Navigating the Chapter 13 Process.

You already know this is a time-consuming process! Let me simplify it for you.

In Missouri a minimum or 21 days, Illinois 14 days after the “motion” has been submitted to Trustee. Sometimes it takes days and weeks for you and your attorney to prepare and reconcile your budget before they ever submit the Motion to the Court. So lets get it right the first time!

Chapter 13 is a little more complex than Chapter 7, and you need the correct answers and information unless you like wasting time! The bottom line is we need 1 good loan, and it has to conform to the Trustee’s instructions.

First, we will secure the loan, then send a generic structure for your attorney to submit to the court. What is a “Generic Structure”? The Trustee doesn’t care if you purchase a minivan, car or truck, what they care about is your payment and budget. So, we secure your loan and send a formal structure in writing outlining the Dollar amount you are approved to spend, the Amount of payment and term of loan. There is no need to get too specific about a particular vehicle, first we need the Trustee’s permission to buy, without that you are wasting time because the vehicle you are looking at will probably sell by the time you motion is GRANTED! Make Sense?

Let's Get Started!